The MediaLister Open Source Project
Three Simple Steps to Using MediaLister!
First Step
Download the Zip
Second Step
Copy Files to Your Site
Third Step
Watch Your Videos!
Click on the highlighted link below to download the MediaLister Project, extract the files from the Zip Archive, and FTP them to your web site under a directory called "medialister" then IMMEDIATELY edit the file called "viewer.html" and change the value of $playerPrefix (at the top of that file) to match your web site! Then, look in medialister.php and
change the $sftypes value to your file type.

Download >>

MediaLister Demo Site
What is MediaLister For?
You have a web site and you want to show your videos to the world! You shoot, them, convert them to Flash format (.flv files) and are ready to display them on your site. But how? Using our Open Source tool kit called "MediaLister!"

Similar to our other Open Source project for RSS feeds called "DirCaster" now, you just drop your Flash media files in a directory, update a simple XML file with metadata, and you are displaying your site videos!

A simple, quick, and practical way to organize your videos!

Maybe you have a church site, and want to display your pastor's messages in descending order by time (most recent first) so that people can watch the videos, and find them, easily! Maybe your family has family movies, that need to be organized and accessed from anywhere via the web. Now, from anywhere, they can find, and watch your video! You may contact Dr. Bill at: DrBill <AT> DrBillBailey.NET
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